Morse Code Translator
Morse Code Translator

How to understand a morse code translator?

The Morse code is one of the most used to communicate without the third know what message is being broadcast methods. However, today it is possible to find a morse code translator on the Internet; which allows to identify the phrases or words of each set of signs in morse code.

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What is a morse code translator?

The morse code is a cipher letters , which, aims to change the way in which the letters are written. In this way, a message can be retransmitted without its message being easily known. However, this was previously possible; currently it is possible to find translators that allow to decode a message in morse code .

morse code translator

These have an algorithm that allows them to decode or translate the dots and lines; and then turn them into phrases or words. Therefore, today it is easier to translate text into Morse or vice versa; although it certainly would have been more useful in earlier times.

How to use a morse code translator?

A translator of this type is quite easy to use, you just have to place the symbols; stripes and dots. After that, the system will be in charge of processing the information received and decoding it, in order to generate a readable text. However, there are many types of translators, some more complex than others; and this time I taught you how to use one.

First of all, you must copy the text you have in Morse and paste it in the area of ​​the translator that has the following phrase: Morse Code.

Morse code translator

As can be seen in the image above, in the red box there is a text in Morse . However, on the left side you can already find the translated text; in this case in Spanish. This is because the translator has already done its job of decoding the code and converting it to readable text .

On the other hand, in case you want to convert a text to Morse code , you simply need to write the word or phrase you want to change to Morse on the left side of the translator.

Once done, the tool will automatically return the result in Morse code ; without the need for effort or complications, and also totally free.


Finally, in addition to having the option to convert text to Morse code and vice versa, it is also possible to enjoy other functions. Among them are:

  • You can copy and paste : East morse code translator has the function of copying and pasting to the clipboard. In this way you can place where you most want the result you have thrown.
  • It is possible to change the language : Thanks to the morse code system has a unique alphabet, it will be possible to translate texts in any language into Morse code.
  • Audio function : On the other hand, this great translator also has one more tool. This allows you to listen to the sound generated in morse code or text.
  • Reset : In case you have written or translated a very long text, you also have the reset function. This will be in charge of eliminating everything written and translated; thus you will save a lot of time.

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